It seems incredible to me, but I can't find an appropriate solution for this.

In my research work, I usually keep a paper logbook listing everything I've done, what does and what does not not work (if anything), TODO's, results, and even code snippets or bash commands that I use frequently.

I would very much like to switch to an electronic version of this. I use Ubuntu linux, so it has to be either linux-friendly or cloud-based (in this case, the possibility of granting access to collaborators would be a plus). Entries should be categorizable by date, topic, people, should have a defined ordering, should be linkable to each other. I would like to add pictures / attachments, too.

Can anyone recommend a (best if open source) software or cloud service to do this? All those I found appear to be specific to a certain field of research, or subscription-based. I had tried out RedNotebook a few years ago and it seemed to (partially) do the trick, but its interface is clumsy and not really adequate for professional use. I know about Evernote. For me, it is absolutely excellent, but a bit limited in functionality for professional use (no highlighting of TODO's, and worst of all no possibilities to download/export the notes).

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