Does anyone know of some open source CMS that is written in PHP, JavaScript or Python, which would allow to quickly implement a commercial service in which:

  • static pages can be freely adapted to our needs using HTML and CSS,
  • editors can easily manage articles in WYSIWYG mode (they can add photos),
  • articles can have different categories, and each category has its custom page listing with articles from the topic,
  • it is possible to use forms on the service sites and securely store information (including general security considerations and GIODO for users from the European Union) provided by users (in particular e-mail and personal data),
  • there is e-mail support,
  • the URL's for articles are created automatically based on the title of the article.

If there is any simple CMS that allows it all right after installation, this is my solution..., but if any CMS allows it all after prior configuration, then I am also asking for micro guidelines on how to do it (e.g. about the example of theme that allows this if there must be a specific theme and so on).

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