I'm searching for a tool that allows me to explicity declare a couple of databases, each one with a query and compare the results periodically. Something like DiffKit seems to follow this concept, but it is not been developed anymore.

EDIT: I want to able to compare data from different DBMS's (say MySQL and Oracle). I want to compare the table content. Compared tables can have different table schemas, so the tool must provide a way to match and compare those tables columns.

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    across instances of the same DBMS on different hosts (production and development, say), or among different products (compare a Sybase RDBMs with a MS-SQL, say). Compare the schema or the table content (assuming we're talking about RDBMSs here)?
    – knb
    Mar 18, 2019 at 12:48
  • @knb i edited the question with more details
    – Daniel C.
    Mar 18, 2019 at 14:13

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I'm not sure whether this tool exists. I would dump all the required data to CSV files and compare them.

I've googled "csv diff" and found this tool https://github.com/aswinkarthik/csvdiff among the others.

If the tables have a different structure I think it's easier to write the custom solution using client libraries and some language that you know.


I think SQL Data Compare from RedGate might be what you want.

It's a commercial product, not free, but I think it does what you want.

I've evaluated it in the past for my job and it worked just as advertised. I ended up not using it though since it was decided we didn't really need it.

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