I am currently prototyping and plan on building a web app which will be used to assort many different features of a product into feature-packages ready to be loaded on its central computing unit. It's basically a big, "smart" form that converts many inputs into a machine-readable output.

I never built anything like this so I'm asking What framework/library is best suited for this task? Angular? React? Vue? Ember? Backbone? Something else? I saw people being angry about some of them being used inflationary and I want to do it right.


  • basically a big form (radio/check/text-inputs)
  • compiling inputs based on JSON dictionary
  • usability is important
  • looks are not
  • easily expandable in the future

Please be sure to stick to facts as this isn't a question about which is superior but a question about which is best suited for that task. (To make this an useful Q&A for everyone you could answer it in a more broader sense so the next guy evaluating their own project can get an answer out of it as well.)

Thank you

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