I've run across two situation using the web interface for gmail that are becoming a major PITA.

A: Label searching: I really like conversation view. But if I search for the negation of a label, I still get most of the conversations. Gmail applies labels to individual messages. So searching for -label:farm returns all conversations that have one message not labeled farm. So in a conversation you have 4 possibilties:

  • At least one message has label foo.
  • All messages have label foo.
  • At least one message doesn't have label foo
  • No message has label foo.

Gmail only allows you to do the first and third.

B: Sorting. In conversation view the only available sort is by most recent message in conversation. In single message it's most recent message.

My business dealings often involve long range conversations spanning months. I would like to be able to sort by:

  • When a conversation started.
  • Customer's latest response
  • My latest response

C: Searching. I have been unable to figure out to perform the following searches.

  • Check for unanswered mail: Find messages that the most recent message is over 3 days old, and that message wasn't written by me.

  • Check for response to my email: Find messages where the most recent message is from me, and over two weeks old.

I think it likely that the successful recommendation will be one or more extensions to gmail. Another possibility would be a user agent that understands gmail labels. I am open to either.

Moderator note: If this should be on Webapps, please move it. Not clear to me if a request for an extension is a softwarerec or a webapp question

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