It's been many years since I have seen the application/software and I don't know what the name of it was, nor have I found anything like it in the last 3 years of off an on looking.

This is what I'm looking for:

A toolset that allows for sketching out workflow or entity relationships (similar to Visio) but has the additional feature of being able to link such a sketch to another node.

For example, say you have one entity diagram that maps out the relationship of objects in a generic bedroom (door, light, bed, dresser/closet, floor, walls, ceiling); you have another diagram that has a generic diagram of a house (relations between bedrooms, halls, and other rooms); and yet another diagram of a generic neighborhood (houses, streets, parks, stores).

When you want information at the neighborhood level, you open the specific neighborhood diagram you want. Then if you want to drill into the data of a particular entity you just click on the representation (box) of that entity and it opens the file for that entity. Likewise, if you want to drill into any other entity (that is not a leaf node) you merely click on it to pull up the diagram associated with that.

I would like to have such a program for the purpose of modularizing my code diagrams. I have occasionally used Visio to do a full scale sketch from a particular action or input and visualized each function, method, etc (tracing flow from user interface through client side code, through server side code, and through database processes and tables) and when a process or method or function is referred to multiple times I attempt to color code it so it is more easily discernible as to what is happening when and how the code is related to other code. However, this is very unwieldy.

Does anybody know of such a program? Reliably supported opensource or freeware would be preferred, then ordered from least expensive to most - limited on budget for such a tool.

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