I have recently had a Hard Drive Semi Fail, I saved most of the data, However there is a large portion of Videos and Images (jpg/png/webp/mp4/avi/webp) that no longer open in a viewer due to corruption.

I need to know exactly which files on this drive are no longer able to be viewed, without manually opening every single file.

Essentially I need something that can test if Image files can be opened or not, and log them if they cannot, as well as attempt to restore if its only partially corrupted. For videos I need something that can scan them to make sure its not missing any data (as a few of the videos will open, However they break or stop working part way into the file, or are missing 10-20 seconds here and there).

-Program Requirements-

Check Image File types For Corruption (Can it be Displayed)

Check Video files for missing/corrupted Data (Can it be Watched from start to Finish)

Log Files that Might be corrupted/Missing Data (Create a List of Affected Files)

*Optional- Attempt to Repair Files (Fix Headers on Images, and Video if possible)

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