Oftentimes when I want to watch a movie or a series, I have to lookup across Netflix then HBO then Amazon Prime Video.

Is there any application or web I could search for a specific movie or series and would tell me if that's available in one of these online platforms? I know there are other streaming platforms, I mention the above as these are the ones I'm more interested to.

Also, browser plugins for IMDB webpage stating availability would be even better.

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http://www.canistream.it claims to check some popular streaming sites but does not seem to work very well for me (does not load actual availablitity data).


The canistream suggestion posted by Erik didn't work for me, but Google guided me to https://www.justwatch.com and it seems to fit like a glove. Will leave the question open to see if anyone comes up with a Chrome plugin that integrates with IMDB on the next couple of days, otherwise will stick to JustWatch.

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