I'm looking for a simple Windows program that lets me define some macro texts that are automatically expanded when I type. Just simply "replace this string with this string".

E.g. -abc- expands to abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Must haves:

  • It should work 'everywhere': in an editor, in my browser, in Word,...
  • At least the CR(LF) should be possible in the replacement string
  • Import/export of the strings. Not necessarily in the interface: if it means editing or copy a file, fine.
  • Not case sensitive for the input strings
  • Run under Windows 10

I don't need scripting or automating the Windows GUI, that programs like AutoIt or AutoHotkey do. Nor do I need mouse playback, or keyboard/mouse recording.

Preferably free, but a small one time fee would be OK too.

I am using Fingertips right now, but that has an interface that does not work for me, and I'm looking for a (simpler) replacement.*

This is not a dupe of:

* No resizable windows/items cut off; no multiselect items (had to delete its 40 pre-installed commands one by one); settings screen always-on-top when open; not remembering its interface settings, but insists on putting three commands back after deleting them; export option is broken and there's no import option


Have you looked at https://www.phraseexpress.com/ ? It's on my to-try list and have been recommended in various articles.

  • I have been running this program for a few weeks now (on one PC) and I'm happy with it. So I'll install it on all my machines. – Jan Doggen Mar 19 at 8:31

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