I need a suggestion for a Web content management system (CMS).

Our museum has a static "brochure" website; about 100 static pages about us, current activities, etc. There are 2 navbars: major (Home Visit Give Join About) and minor (within the section). URLs go 2 deep, e.g.


Currently I manage it "old school" in Dreamweaver CS5 on my home PC. But it's dated, hard to use, and I can't share access. It is hosted on Ubuntu/LAMP using 1 domain on a member's 10-domain hosting account. We'd prefer to stay on that platform, since it's free.

No need for complex apps; if we ever do a photo, blog, bugzilla, wiki etc. it'll be on a different platform.

Anyway, these are the features we need.

  • Login to the CMS from anywhere (multiple Users optional)
  • Existing URLs must keep working (no 404s), bonus points for allowing existing URL structure to continue.
  • Ability to inject arbitrary HTML code (PayPal buttons, FB pixel, ticketing etc.)
  • Mobile friendly using responsive web design (not 2 versions of site!)
  • Editable from iOS or Android, I don't care how
  • Runs on Ubuntu/LAMP
  • Optional: Auto-generate nav menus
  • Open source, though I wouldn't object to a one-time pay. No monthly fees.

What would be a good platform for this, that won't require an excessive amount of add-ons to get it done?

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