I know how to use my favourite search engine to search for:

interactive sunburst chart

The problem is, that the search engine returns too many results.

Required features:

  • JavaScript
  • open source
  • interactive: not all details get displayed from the beginning. You should be able to zoom into the parts you are interested in.

The sunburst charts usually look like this:


I create the data (disk usage) like this:

du -ax / | sort -rn | head -n10000  > /var/tmp/du-$(date --iso).log

The output of above command looks like this:

191642500       /
167999424       /home
121852544       /home/foo
47791200        /home/foo/VirtualBox VMs
32971644        /home/foo/VirtualBox VMs/MSEdge - Win10
32970888        /home/foo/VirtualBox VMs/MSEdge - Win10/MSEdge - Win10-disk002.vmdk
14819552        /home/foo/VirtualBox VMs/IE11 - Win7
14819248        /home/foo/VirtualBox VMs/IE11 - Win7/IE11 - Win7-disk001.vmdk
12411468        /usr
10622700        /home/foo/tmp
10614232        /home/foo/tmp/old
8811912 /var
5857224 /home/foo/.PyCharmCE2018.2
5853664 /home/foo/.PyCharmCE2018.2/system
5534036 /home/modwork_eins_d
5425392 /usr/lib

If you move the mouse over the colored parts, you should see the file or directory name of this part.

I am open and flexible about the way the data gets from the server to the JS lib. I can serve the data in any possible way (json/xml, ....)

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