I am attempting to build an installer for a .NET 4.7 application. I have a few requirements that are making it difficult to find a good installer.

  1. Minimal user interaction. Squirrel allows installations with just one click, I'd like to get to this point if possible.
  2. Need to install to Program Files. This is what makes squirrel unsuitable.
  3. Ideally includes an update mechanism which is easy for the user. So the app can update when they start it or they can simply click a button. I don't want the user to have to download and install again.
  4. Gives me the option to check for the .net framework
  5. Lets me add in DLLs for my dependencies.
  6. Lets me add services and drivers

I'd also like something that's simple. Squirrel is what I tried to use and it is pretty easy to work with.

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