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  • wide = more pixels wide than tall
  • tall = more pixels tall than wide

Device: Windows 10 laptop connected to a 16:9 TV

Files I am working with: folders of images of various dimensions (some very wide, some tall)


I view the images on my tv. Currently I use ifranview to view images in fullscreen (no seeing even the taskbar, so I mean legit fullscreen) Wide images look great on the TV since the TV is 16:9. Ifranview can make the image scale proportionally to be as tall as the TV height.

However, skinny tall images result in lots of black space on the left and right of the tall image obviously. So what if there was an image viewer that had a setting that has the program figure out if there are two or three tall images in succession to display both side by side in fullscreen mode?

Use case: image viewing pleasure, gentlemen you know what I mean

My searching efforts:

The closest thing I found was McComix, which seems buggy on my computer (sluggish, crashes, doesn't show up in programs list). When I tried fullscreen mode, it seems to auto scale it back down to the image's original size.

My Background:

No coding ability, but possibly I could run a simple premade script if it was very simple and install to run or copy and paste.

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