There are lots of gratis reporting tools out there, but I haven’t yet found one with this feature.

Given a database (preferably MySql/MaraiDb, but OBDC should cover most) with several years’ worth of date, I would like to be able to make comparisons:

  • This year’s sales versus last years (or multiple previous years, or the average of multiple previous years)
  • This month versus the same month in previous years
  • Other comparisons, maybe have to be user defined, but very nice if the tool can let the user build queries from the database table's column names.
  • E.g by geographic region or sales person

The more fancy features the better (I love heatmaps :-)

Must at the least have charting (bar chart, pie chart, maybe scattergram) and tabular numerical view of compressions for numerical data. It is strongly preferable to be able to export the results of such comparisons (as CSV, PDF, maybe XML or even JSON).

The database is on a server, so it would seem logical to have a purely server side solution (preferably PHP).

BUT, it will be viewed in a browser, so maybe some client side code is advisable too? On reflection, I am open to server side only but would prefer a joint client/server solution, with AJAX to communicate between them. I really like AngularJS, but will accept others.

While it would be nice to have a complete solution, and I am sure that others would like it, I can accept a framework to help me develop/code my own.

Must be gratis, also for commercial use (or up to a certain level of sales where it would be no problem to pay for licensing).

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