I want to build a website where it will be useful to nest templates like so:

    <bar-input if="hasABar(this)"></bar-input>

where this is some object and this is a form for modifying one. This is what I mean by "Componentizing" - I'm looking for advanced templating that's capable of breaking a complex site into easily digestible parcels. If this looks/sounds like Angular, it's because that's what I was looking at first. But the problem with Angular is that a simple hello world page includes ~0.5MB of Javascript (minified) even when using server-side rendering and the controller does nothing on the front end. That's frankly unacceptable, especially because Angular seems to enforce "single-page 'apps'".

My site will inevitably use some Javascript for niceties like sortable tables, and I'd like to write that with Typescript. I'd also like to write styling in SCSS syntax. Because of these two things (mostly that first one), I'll probably wind up using Node, so although it kills me I must prefer a node-based framework. But don't let that stop you from suggesting something that isn't node-based if it fits the other criteria.

What server/framework should I use?

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    Please explain downvotes so I can improve the question. – ocket8888 Feb 27 at 4:54
  • What does "Componetizing" mean? It is not an English word. – Nicolas Raoul Feb 27 at 9:24
  • I am not the person who downvoted but I guess they downvoted because the barfs and I'll probably wind up using ..., so although it kills me I must prefer ... are just ranting, and make the whole text look bad. – Nicolas Raoul Feb 27 at 9:26
  • By the way, there is no question, you might want to fix that. – Nicolas Raoul Feb 27 at 9:27
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    @Mawg even minimized it's still about 0.5MB of javascript that never gets used. – ocket8888 Feb 28 at 7:09

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