I'm looking for a reliable alternative to TeamViewer. I don't need it to be open-source or free, I just need the following features:

(This is a long extensive list that I have in mind, please feel free to comment on or skip some, if you need to.)

  • Fast: quick to connect, and optimized for low-latency viewing
  • Easy: works with key forwarding out of the box, no need for additional dependencies, etc
  • Local network support: allows connection to local network hosts (e.g.
  • Cross-platform: works at least on Windows and modern Linux distros
  • Hi-DPI UI: works with UI scaling properly
  • Unscaled client screen sharing: ability to serve unchanged remote desktop
  • No screen flicker for the client: e.g. mouse cursor flickering, window flickering, etc
  • Nice GUI: modern, intuitive, updated looks (refer to screenshot below)
  • Installs as a service/daemon: with startup and failure recovery
  • Unattended access: starts hidden/minimized with a predefined access key with unrestricted remote access at any time
  • Concurrent connections: allow multiple connections from different sources
  • Non-blocking: Client should be able to view and interact with the desktop during the session
  • Maximum quality available: don't purposefully limit quality when bandwidth is available
  • Login screen sharing: e.g. in Windows, allows sharing the login screen and changing the user.
  • Syncronized clipboard: I need text, image and file synchronization between host and client clipboards.
  • Audio redirecting: ability to transfer client's audio
  • History of saved destinations: keeps track of connected devices
  • Per-client password saving: ability to save different passwords per user.
  • Send CtrlAltDelete to the client
  • Display client cursor: ability to view the client user's mouse position.
  • Lock, Restart and Shutdown the client on demand
  • Drag and drop transfer

Here's optional features will be nice to have, but aren't mandatory:

  • Cut-off client's screen: black out the screen
  • Disable client's user input: disable mouse and keyboard input on demand
  • Disable remote's user input: opposite of the above
  • Switch sides with partner: allow reversing the client/remote sides
  • Audio call: allow voice calling from/to the client
  • Lightweight: total installation should be less than ~100mbs.
  • Automatic reconnect: on case of connection loss.
  • Notify the client of incoming connections
  • Interactive access: allow connection from the client-side without need of a password
  • Allow random passwords in addition to a predefined password
  • Whitelist and/or blacklist
  • Change client resolution on demand
  • Per-user connections (e.g. Windows Server OS)
  • Share single windows instead of whole screen
  • File transfer
  • Nearby device discovery
  • Backward/forward compatibilty with older/newer protocols.
  • Prevent brute force attacks
  • Integrated system health check
  • Perform shell commands on the client
  • Start new connection from cli (command-line) with parameters
  • APIs for performing tasks or fetching events
  • Seamless windows
  • Built-in encryption

Here's what I don't care about:

  • Open-source. I don't care about this as long as it works reliably.
  • Free. I don't care how much it costs as long as it's acquirable.
  • VPN, Meeting, Remote printing, etc. I don't need business-related features.
  • System resource utilization. Up to 40% cpu/ram utilization is fine by me.

TeamViewer UI

  • Did you look at TightVNC? It's the best, but, sorry, I don't have time to check it against your list of requirements. Give it a try – Mawg says reinstate Monica Feb 26 '19 at 13:30
  • 1
    Thanks, but TightVNC lacks quite a lot of requirements. I appreciate your recommendation though :) – ConfusedGuy Feb 28 '19 at 7:30

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