I would like to find an application (or chrome plugin) that allows me to, on either a chromeOS tablet or laptop running Ubuntu:

  1. Render a website (generally) as it would be seen in the latest version of Chrome

  2. Allow me to annotate that website using a stylus/touch to "write" notes (similar to how OneNote, Google Keep, or Squid works)

  3. Allow me to save, and load, those annotations at a later date (offline mode a bonus)

Ideally this would be an Android app or ChromeOS app (for use on a chromeOS tablet) or a chrome plugin (for use on a chromeOS tablet or ubuntu machine), or a linux app that can be installed via apt (for use on a chromeOS tablet or laptop with touchscreen running Ubuntu).

I have explored a great many applications that allow text annotations, but found none that allow free-form annotations. The Edge browser by Microsoft is the best example, however it is only available on Windows.

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