Question: Is there an existing software tool for rendering SE data dumps into web pages?

Background: Stack Exchange releases "data dumps" of the publicly available content from each of its sites roughly every three months. It does this via the Internet Archive.

These dumps contain several XML files that each contain concatenated information about all posts, or all users, or all tags, etc. Possibly each XML file corresponds to a table in Stack Exchange's underlying database.

I would like to render one of those dumps into HTML pages, much as if I had mirrored the corresponding SE website using wget. This would let me browse the site offline, without having to actually mirror it with wget (which would be slow and which SE's sysadmins might object to).

The task is probably achievable using XSLT and a suitable investment of time, but I am loath to reinvent wheels. Therefore, I would like to know if anyone else has already released a suitable tool that is free software and that is able to run on GNU/Linux or on some flavour of Unix.

(The closest thing I have found so far is the StackOverflow Data Dump Importer maintained by Brent Ozar: https://github.com/BrentOzarULTD/soddi . Unfortunately, it is for Visual Studio on Windows.)

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