I'm asking for a software recommendations that can do the following tasks:

  • Accept file upload. The file contains a list of names, e.g. student names, grades and email.
  • Allow administrator to rate the students, based on their grades. The rating will also include a pre-defined comments. For example, if the student grade is above 80, the rating will be "A", the comment will be "X", else if between 60 and 80, the rating will be "B" and the comment will be "Y", and so on. There will be multiple sections of the grade. So section A, student's grade might be good, whereas on the other section it may be bad.
  • The result can be exported as PDF format. So the rating and the comment will be exported too.
  • Once administrator has finished rating the student, the platform is able to notify the student through email. The email will contain the rating and the comments.
  • The platform needs to be Web-based.
  • It will be hosted at Cloud services.
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    Will you host it on your own server? – onurcano Feb 20 at 16:35

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