I have been looking for a software solution for writing Windows applications with GUI in which I can access MS-ACCESS and SQL databases. I would prefer C#.

However, I'm just looking for free variants that still allow me to use the applications in the company. I have now tried Python with pygubu and that's all else, at least for me, as a fast development. The next are the licenses with which I am not well versed and which I can not interpret correctly. I have tried SharpDevelop privately and am actually very satisfied. And there are the problems with the licenses. Is the C # compiler from Microsoft "license free" or do I have to buy Visual Studio? I hope someone can bring some light into the darkness?


You can just use Visual Studio Community.

Visual Studio 2013 screenshot

  • Thank you for your answer, but I think the company I work for is too big for the community edition so have to buy one of the bigger versions... If there are no free alternatives, then I have to buy a version. But I would like to inform myself about different possibilities to save costs as far as possible. – CptnRoughnight Feb 19 '19 at 6:18

I heard good things about Gambas . See also the "See Also" links at the bottom of that Wikipedia article - they lead to very long lists of IDEs and VB Dialects.


Consider trying MonoDevelop, which is the base used for Visual Studio for macOS. Note that you would have to build it from source for Windows.

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