I would like to create a website where I can create comments, put tags into it, and search based on the tags used. It's intended to serve as personal diary. Similar to: https://txt.arboreus.com/

Is this something that can be done with HTML and CSS? Or to create comments and add tags, do I need database interaction? I am skilled in Python, but never developed web applications or pages. Any guidance on this would be appreciated.


If you just want to blog, something like Tumblr, Blogger or Wordpress has what you need. They all provide a degree of customization via HTML and CSS. I'm not familiar enough with them to describe their finer points, but I would give them serious consideration.

If you want an excuse to pick up some frontend skills without maintaining a backend, then GitHub Pages is an option. GitHub Pages allows you to host static websites generated by Jekyll. This is a popular choice among developers, and is what I use personally.


  • Many templates are available, especially those geared towards personal websites and blogs.
  • Your website can have anything you want. You can maintain a simple blog, or you can make an extravagant web app that pushes your browser to its limits.
  • GitHub Pages is free.


  • You will need to be proficient in HTML, CSS, and Jekyll to do anything more than the basics.
  • GitHub Pages only supports static websites. This means no server-side logic, including databases and user accounts; your website is generated and stored as files that don't change unless you update your code. Some features will have to be added as external services, such as Disqus for comments.
  • While there are CMS's available, they often require a degree of customization. They do not eliminate the need for some web development skills.

Do you really want to keep a personal diary on the web? I would strongly suggest you get a copy of an application like Day One. If you insist on a web site, consider WordPress, SquareSpace or Wix.

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