I want to compose a tracker module, but not from scratch. I have public-domain MIDI file that I want to derive my work from, but I'm struggling to find a workflow that fits these requirements:

  • The program(s) must run on Linux.
  • The melody and structure of an imported MIDI must be preserved.
    • To clarify what I mean by this: I should be able to import my MIDI, play it without modifications, and be able to recognize the song.
  • I must be able to provide my own samples as WAV files.
  • I must be able to modify the imported music as I see fit.
  • I must be able to export a module in any one of the major formats (IT, S3M, MOD, or XM).

Some notes:

  • schismtracker is not an option, because the MIDI import is too buggy.
  • I don't need to export back to a MIDI file.
  • I'm not looking to strictly convert, I'm looking to adapt. So it's okay if I need to run my MIDI through a chain of converters, as long as the info I need is preserved.
  • It's okay if these aforementioned converters are command-line programs, but they still have to run on Linux.
  • I don't know much about how MIDI works; I know that it's a file format, but apparently it's an input device too? It's okay if I have to jury-rig something, but I need to know what that something should be.

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After having done some research, I went with OpenMPT. It fits all of my requirements to a T. While it's a Windows program, it does run very well on WINE; that's even one of its selling points. It was simple to set up the 64-bit version. Just remember that you may have to map MIDI instruments to samples before you can hear anything.

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