So I'm playing a game that is a collaborative game and we would like to store information such as players details and our operations.

(A) From my knowledge this is basically the purpose of a wiki, right? If not what are the terminology I should look for?

(B) So my requirement:

  • Web Solution
  • Able to self-host it (no cloud or similar closed environment)
  • Cheap (<100$)
  • No cost per user
  • User-friendly (both to edit and navigate)
  • Not in Python
  • Page module ready (Atlassian Confluence call them Macro, Wiki template)

Features I'm looking for (optional; can be plugin):

  • (C) Restrict pages view on page basic (in our case the edition permission will be the same as the view permission)
    • With a group (or similar feature, like Wikipedia category?)
    • People without view permission mustn't be able to even know those pages exist nor the "group" used to assign permission to
  • (D) Great documentation & module friendly (will add features and don't want to become crazy)
  • (E) Be able to know when a page module is added/removed (could be as simple as a hook when a page change is made; we want to auto-generate some statistic pages and cache them to avoid user to trigger it then waiting for a couple of seconds)
  • (F) Friendly UI properties for page modules when editing (or, for our custom development, be able to inject some)
  • Nodejs, PHP, maybe C#
  • (G) EDIT: We will try to sync user from Slack as the only user that can access this web portal, private channels of Slack will be the group I'm referring above as the view permission.

Thanks for any solution or/and plugins.


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