I have 2 or 3 sources where I store my files. My laptop, a flash disk, a portable drive or a network NAS.

What I would like to do, is:

  1. to catalog all of them and create a virtual file system and see them as if they are a new drive on my machine. git-annex has some support to add multiple files, but I don't need the version control, and I cannot use tags, or mount a filesystem.

  2. it would also be nice to add multiple tags for some files, and based on this, create a new directory structure, and update the virtual file system to see that. TSMU seems to do that, but you need to have the physical file.

Maybe it might be possible to achieve what I want with the 2 programs mentioned above, but I'd like to know if there is a more straight forward way.

So I'm looking for a software to catalog my files and ideally it should mount the catalogs as a virtual file system. It should be a Linux/Mac os solution, up to 100 USD one-time price is OK.



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