Hey how's it going everyone. I'm going to try and explain this the best I can, hopefully one of you can help me out as I'm not sure if what I need is even possible.

So I'm trying to find a software that shows you what files (specifically a .exe) that have been closed out of recently or something along those lines. The problem with this .exe that I'm trying to see is that it self destructs and removes itself from the Windows registry and prefetch, so a program like ExecutedProgramsList (which I have already tried) is useless.

I'll explain my reason for needing it since it might help with a viable solution. I'm looking for an injectable client that is partially coded in C++ and the other part in Java. This client injects itself into the game and can be self destructed so that theoretically no trace is left (details listed in previous paragraph) if anyone tried to look. My theory is that there is some record that it was opened and closed and that it cannot be completely erased without at least a proper reboot.

I think that's as detailed of an explanation as I can give off the top of my head. If there is a software that would help then that'll be a miracle, or if any of you are knowledgeable enough to help me come up with a solution I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

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