I'm looking for a video chat app that would more or less allow the admin to do the following. Let's suppose: A is the admin and there are 5 other participants (B, C, D, E and F)

  • arrange calls between A+B ; C+D ; E+F (all participants BCDEF will 'receive' a call, they won't need to call the other one).
  • shuffle the above calls easily, if not seemlessly (e.g.: B+C ; D+E ; F+A)
  • shuffle the above calls again
  • merge any two calls (e.g.: C+D ; E+F > C+D+E+F)
  • merge all calls into one group call
  • mute or remove participants
  • eavesdrop (without them noticing) on any active call
  • join and leave any active call (with them noticing)

basically God-like-powers within a video chat :D Can anyone recommend a software that I should try? Many thanks and kind regards,

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