I have an Android Huawei smartphone and I would like to replace the keyboard. I'm using the keyboard for skype and Facebook Messenger. The keyboard should be plain, i.e. mainly I just want the characters and emojis. I don't want auto-correction or gestures or suggestions when typing or other buttons. That means the keyboard should be pretty customizable.

A very important point is that I need QWERTZ and QWERTY. Usually, QWERTZ has also umlaut characters (ä and ö), i.e. more buttons. I just want to be able to switch Z and Y without adding other character buttons (like umlaute).

Which one is a good Android keyboard for this? I think Gboard and SwiftKey are very popular.

  • As "best" is very subjective (and we don't answer "best", but recommend "fits the requirements"), I've edited your question slightly. While waiting for answers, be welcome to consult my corresponding app listing. "Most popular" you can tell by the numbers there (and other details by the groupings). Good luck! – Izzy Feb 15 at 8:05

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