Microsoft Azure present a clean integrated process but I wonder if this is really more efficient for small projects.

Could IDE have the advantage of being usable in any computer without the need of a git pull each time as long as there is only one user.

Local IDE are free for a big power but I'm changing computers a lot.

Features needed include Python Django coding, testing the code, git and deployment of a website custom code.

Price range... This is a non profit project with no funds.

It should run on Windows X. Android and Ubuntu would be nice too.

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    Done. Please ask if more information is needed. This is for a very basic Python site that interact with Wikidata API. – Thibd Feb 13 at 21:13
  • Thanks, reopened. Note that we don't feature product comparisons (see Is tool x versus tool y a fair question?), so I edited the title slightly. Good luck then! Should any more details be needed, those home in that area will voice them :) – Izzy Feb 13 at 22:16
  • For Python, absolutely nothing beats the free community edition of PyCharm – Mawg Feb 14 at 15:29

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