I am currently maintaining a google spreadsheet to enter/edit several thousand rows for about 100 different entities - i.e. there are 10-20 rows for each entity name key (each key has slightly different set of rows, e.g. person A might have age and height and person B might have weight and age). I want to port my data entry to a RDS on aws using a web form. The web form would load the fields needed to filled in from a dictionary mapping name -> fields and I would only be able to enter data for one name at a time.

I want to do this so that all writes/deletes/edits are timestamped.

Additionally, I want to be able to copy data into the webform via a spreadsheet interface so that I don't need to enter data cell by cell but can say copy 10 items into 10 cells at a time.

Is there a framework for setting up such a data entry form on AWS ? It would be something like keep just the rows matching one name on my google spread sheet and then writing the updates back to a RDS.

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