I am currently having 20-30 batch jobs that are scheduled in Control M. The jobs are basically executing a bunch of Unix scripts which have have one of the below tasks within the script

  1. SFTP handling
  2. Invoke a Informatica Workflow
  3. Invoke a Database object ( such as a stored procedure/function)
  4. file processing using Unix inbuit functions like awk,sed

we have set up the job dependency in Control M.


How to schedule these jobs when we move these unix scripts to GCP compute instance ? We are not having Control M there so need to use one of the tools that are available on GCP.

One option I checked is Google Cloud scheduler but it does't have any option to trigger a unix script. Only HTTP calls are available.

Any guidance on what software tools to use in lieu of control M on GCP is much appreciated.!

Thank you !

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