I'm trying to put together a scalable and efficient 'backend' architecture.

As the front-end, I have developed native applications for iOS, Android and Web. As a database I use a standart hosted SQL database. Currently there is a direct communication between the client applications and the database using sqlLite requests ...

Now I'm looking for a middle layer / applications server. My goal is that the whole request logic runs over this layer. Thus, a client creates a request via an application. This request is sent to the application server and processed and answered by the application server.

This additional layer should actually do the standard tasks of an application server and decapsulate the database. Standart solutions like Java EE or .NET seem to me partly useful, but I doubt if they would fit perfectl and I hope and think there are better solutions.

Because I do not really get on with my research. Now I ask for clues to find the right solution.

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