I received an Echo Dot v3 as the prize of a programming competition, unfortunately it cannot do anything without a permanent Internet connection (I use tethering and I only have Wi-Fi when my laptop is open, which is not often).

With a 64bit ARM CPU, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of flash, BlueTooth/FM/GPS, 4 physicals buttons, great microphones and speakers, it has the potential to do useful things.

So I am looking for firmware to put on it, with these requirements:

  • I can develop and run my own program directly on the Echo hardware, without an Internet connection (so no AWS/Lambda)
  • Have drivers to allow my program to use at least the speakers, and as much of the rest of the hardware as possible.
  • Installable on Echo Dot 3rd generation
  • Obtainable without paying
  • Open source would be ideal, but proprietary is OK too
  • Any OS type and programming language is OK

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