I'm working on a web/mobile platform for a video production studio, things such as shows, films, video podasts, etc. By this i mean i want to host videos uploaded only by the platform owner and they can host livestreams as well.

For playing and sharing video, I'll probably use something along the lines of HTML5 Player with a modified GUI to fit the site style, but I want to be able to host a stream on the site. I believe what i need is a streaming service framework or something of the sort.

The platform owner is the only party that can upload and stream, so I do not expect an extremely high volume of content on the server.

What are good frameworks and libraries to do so. I'm considering Django/Python for the backend, so something Python based would be preferred, but if other technologies are more preferable generally speaking, I'm still open to suggestions.

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  • Please remove the link and describe your requirements in more details, with words, thanks! – Nicolas Raoul Feb 11 at 9:21

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