I have a mesh representing a folded paper that a create from Fusion 360. I can export it to STL.

I want it to be flatten out so that I can cut it with a lasercutter and then refold it.

Fusion 360 doesn't seem to can do that. I imported the STL on Blender but I didn't really a good solution, but maybe I don't know this program well enough.

What would be the best way?


There is a plugin in Blender that is pre-installed and just have to be enable. A tutorial can be found here.

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If blender isn't your cuppa, you can use Pepakura to create flat "unfolding" from an STL. It's possible the free version of Pepakura will not perform this magic, but the program cost is quite low (US$38) when one considers the effort involved in creating this software.

pepakura home page graphic

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