I'm java developer and as such I'm using IntellijIdea heavily. In this IDE, which strictly follows UI best practices, you have 'action' for everything which you can do, let it be some refactoring or just creating new line or splitting one. One implication of that is, that you can create your own shortcut for anything.

Drawback of this IDEA is, that it's not suited for editing small files. And that's the purpose of this question:

Can you recommend linux editor, with strong shortcuts support for any common action: splitting lines, cursor movement, lines movement, support for syntax highlight (but that's common nowadays) and ideally support for java regex flavor.

Recommendation blacklist: vi/vim/gvmim/etc. I know about it and use it currently for non-project files modification, but it's ergonomics is no where close Intellij editor. Maybe it can offer more via some academic syntax, but all from basic to intermediate stuff is just superbly cumbersome.

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