I hope you've heard about Drools rule engine. It's used to execute authored rules. I've tried the Drools workbench and found it to be an interesting tool. Coding could be done in Java and builds are managed with Maven.


  1. Web interface to create rule files (DRL), Decision Tables etc.
  2. Interface to execute rules through REST APIs.
  3. Able to perform batch rule execution, schedule rule execution etc.
  4. Able to handle huge data loads
  5. Able to connect to remote database and query within rules (DRL).
  6. Ability to persist data.
  7. Git or other source control integration.
  8. Maven or other build tool integration.

If there are any suggestions that meet the above that is similar to the "Drools Workbench + KIE Execution" server stack then it would be great. Price limit is still open therefore open for any suggestions.

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