I'm making a native Android app, which needs to draw scatter and line plots on polar polar coordinate diagram. By googling I managed to find some plotting and graph libraries for Android, but most of them seemed to lack the polar coordinate tools.

Is there such library readily and freely available?

The alternative approach would be to take one of the existing line/scatter plot libraries, disable its axes, grids, ticks, etc. and draw the polar grid to the background and use normal scatter/line tools to draw over it. What library would most easily bend to this kind of usage?

Or should I just jump in the deep end and look how to nake my own drawable canvas?

  • For a record, at the time of writing the MPAndroidChart library is not suitable for this usecase, because plotting polar coordinates involves circular plots and MPAndroidChart requireis that datasets are order by their x-coordinates. – TukeV Feb 18 at 21:44

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