I'm working on a project for an online map based mobile game. I started with the back-end using AWS Cognito for use authentication, AWS RDS with MySQL for data storage, and AWS Lambda for back-end functionality.

My mobile app will be for Android and iOS and is using Xamarin. I have AWS Cognito hooked up and everything is working fine and dandy so far and I'm calling AWS Lambda functions successfully with a JWT ID token obtained from AWS Cognito.


Now I'm at a crucial point where I need to decide what library to use for the map based mobile front-end.

What the front-end mobile app map will need to do:

  • Render custom 2D textures/images over a real world map based on the user's current location
  • Place points on a map which use custom 2D images and animations
  • Allow me to place a customized UI on top of the map

Now I am fairly familiar already with google maps and it can do everything I require except for rendering custom 2D textures. As far as I know, you can only customize your map with specific colors and not textures/images.

Also, note that the map data I need does not have to be extremely accurate. As long as land and water is separated, that's pretty much all I need as far as map data goes.

What my research has yielded so far is several options for 3D map based mobile games, but not really any for 2D. 3D will introduce complexities that I simply do not want to have to deal with in development.

Google has https://cloud.google.com/maps-platform/gaming/

And I have found several other libraries which utilize OpenStreetMaps using Unity. Some examples here: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Unity

But again, these are all 3D. I probably don't even really need any sort of game engine. If I can just use custom textures/images on the map then I should have everything else I need.

Does OpenStreetMaps have something which might suit my needs? The OSM libraries I've found don't seem to have great documentation. What are my options here?

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