This is my first question to this website, although I'm not new. I have found all my questions answered and never really found a need to ask some of my own. But, I'm searching for over two days and found no reasonable answer to my questions.
I am about to develop a chat system for a web app which is built entirely on Laravel & MySQL. I need to develop a real-time chat system. Now I want to know:

  1. Which technology/framework/library I should use to built that system?
  2. Can I use MySQL or I need to use any no-SQL DB or any other DB for real-time chat?

P.s: Through my research, I found that Pusher could be a solution for a Laravel app. Can anyone tell me is it a good choice for handling chat messages of more than 50,000 users and would not blast up my server?

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks in advance! :)

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