observer = new Observer<Resource<List<DateProfile>>>() {
        public void onChanged(@Nullable Resource<List<DateProfile>> resource) {
            if (resource.mData != null) {
                Log.d("vcvcv", resource.mStatus + "   " + resource.mMessage + "  " + resource.mCode + "  " + resource.mData.size());
                List<DateProfile> users = resource.mData;
                if (users != null) {

            } else {
                Log.d("users", "resource is null");

    homeDatingViewModel.getHomeDateProfiles().observe(this, observer);

this observers calling in fragment to get data from local db(Room) and i am getting last live data from room db.

This is my Dao interface

@Query("SELECT * FROM DateProfile")
LiveData<List<DateProfile>> getHomeDateProfile();

when i am deleting any row from room db, its observing the viewmodel.

int isDeleted = delHomeDatingModel.deleteDateProfileFromDb(dateProfileList.get(currentItem).getUserid());

This is my ViewModel class

public class HomeDatingViewModel extends ViewModel {
private final HomeDateProfileReposotories homeDateProfileReposotories;

public HomeDatingViewModel(HomeDateProfileReposotories homeDateProfileReposotories) {
    this.homeDateProfileReposotories = homeDateProfileReposotories;

public LiveData<Resource<List<DateProfile>>> getHomeDateProfiles() {
    return homeDateProfileReposotories.getDateProfiles();

public LiveData<List<DateProfile>> getDateProfileFromDb() {
    return homeDateProfileReposotories.getDateProfilesFromDb();

public int deleteDateProfileFromDb(String userId) {
    return homeDateProfileReposotories.deleteDateProfilesFromDb(userId);

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