I want to check updates for software, drivers, windows itself, ... Is there a software to do that?


Yes, with SUMo you can keeps your PC up-to-date & safe by using the most recent version of the software.


  • Automatic detection of installed software
  • Detects required updates / patchs for your software
  • Detects required drivers update (requires DUMo)
  • Filter / authorize Beta versions (user setting)
  • Automatic self-update (PRO only)
  • Direct access to software developer's web site (PRO only)
  • Ignore list : only tracks software YOU want to track
  • More compatibility and less false positive than others Update Monitors (according to users feedback ;-)
  • Internationalization support.

And the equivalent for drivers is DUMo.

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  • I have used and can second both of these (although I long ago stopped using driver updaters, as it can occasionally lead to trouble). Upvoted – Mawg says reinstate Monica Feb 6 '19 at 11:05

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