Hey guys I just wanted some ideas for my final year project which I can do with python. I thought of doing sentiment analysis but university don't accept analysis for twitter or product reviews. If you guys have any ideas kindly help me!

  • Sorry this question is off-topic on this site. Good luck though! – Nicolas Raoul Feb 4 at 10:09
  • 1
    The open source app I volunteer for has an issue that could use your help, though: github.com/commons-app/apps-android-commons/issues/74 You would have to take the Python/Tensorflow prototype I created and make it much more accurate :-) – Nicolas Raoul Feb 4 at 10:12
  • I would suggest that it doesn’t really matter what language you are using. Most languages can handle most projects. More importantly, should your project not be relevant to your studies? What are you studying? – Mawg Feb 4 at 11:10
  • Computer Sceince – Anish S Feb 4 at 12:57

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