Some web pages put their content under one of more "layers" of clicks.

This is: when you click the link you want to follow, it instead of taking you where you want, it opens an advertisement page in a new tab. After you close that tab and go back to the page you can click again and this time it will actually take you to the desired content. Some time you have to repeat the process several times before getting to the content.

You can usually tell if the click will take you to the content or not because the clickable area changes. Therefore, I'm looking for an Add-on or some other solution that can allows me to tell Chrome to do NOT follow some links. Something like that when you do Ctrl+Alt+Click the link is clicked but the destination URL is NOT opened in a new tab, it is just ignored.

There are some add-ons that seem to attempt to solve this problem by blocking a list of domains know to offer advertisement. Some examples of these add-ons are Ads Link Skipper, Ketnooi Paid Link Bypasser, and Virus/Malware Link Checker.

However, I want to control which click is ignored and which not, and do not depend on the ad provider to be on a pre-set list.

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