I ask this cause couldn't find it in google.

I'm writing an UWP app with C# language, targeting netcore, ui in XAML, for scientific simulations and need good numeric range and precision. I need to perform calculations in quadruple precision floating point. not only need the +-*/ operators, also functions like Sin, Cos and Pow. High speed and performance are not needed or important.

furthermore I need complex numbers with this grade of precision, but that is easy enough for me to implement it by myself.

Found a library on github called QPFloat, but couldn't build it in C++ with my VS2017, because of build errors.

is there a library for IEEE 754 Quadruple-precision floating point for .NET C#? Thanks in advance.

  • If you couldn't build it in C++ with my VS2017, because of build errors then you should ask on stackoverflow or the github repo. Probably you've done something incorrectly. Also note that QPFloat uses GPL 3.0, so consider that if you're developing a commercial application. Please tag the proper license and price to the question – phuclv Feb 3 at 8:55

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