I'm looking for guidance / feedback on some potemtial MdM applications....

My eng goal is to be able to send a Certificate to a mobile device... So think of it like this.... I have a user and they have a certificate on their laptop. I need to get that cert to their phone.... So my thinking is this

  1. Have an open source app that can meet installed on the end users pc. They open it and are presented with a QR for they scan and then can now navigate around the mobile device using their laptop. Noted the user can drag and drop the cert

  2. Laptop and mobile device is on the same local area network. Just launches the app and our opens chrome and asks the just to input an local ip on their phone. Just now had access to mobile device using desktop

  3. Using curl from your desktop make an API call to the mobile device with the cert attached

This is for a large business unit so would need to be well thought

Looking forward to hearing from you all

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