Our company develops mobile apps and use Google Analytics in them. However, GA will be deprecated for mobile apps soon, so, we are looking for good enough replacement.

We love GA for its freeness (at our middle scale) and ability to create custom reports, especially by API – because we have many iOS/Android apps and it isn't possible to analyse them one be one in the browser.

However, I cannot find mention about custom reports in Firebase Analytics (though Google says it is a replacement), not for manual creating, nor for API. Is it possible? Or maybe will be possible soon?

If not, could you recommend another appropriate analytical system?

Our criteria are:

  1. Freeness or cheapness
  2. Opportunity to create custom reports in UI and by API
  3. Opportunity to export all the data (we want to try some machine learning, but GA doesn't provide free export)

It's possible to use 2 different tools to accomplish 2nd and 3rd tasks independently.

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