I’m looking for a folder synchronisation Tool for Windows.

We have 5x notebooks, which only have network connectivity through cable. Sometimes (4-5x times a day) someone is unplugging one of the notebooks without checking if there are any file-transfers. => Corrupted files.

So, we're looking for a drobox-like software, that syncs files between all notebooks. The files are secret, so uploading it into a cloud is not a solution.

We need:

  • Folder sync between 5x Notebooks
  • secure sync, if one notebook loses its network connection
  • no central backup system (if possible)
  • no cloud services or uploading data information to the internet (like resilio sync)

Any recommendations? Thank you :)

  • If you are all in the same network and I guess in the same workgroup/domain, what's stopping you from placing an extra computer into the network to act as file share? Then you can back it up and manage it better? – Sonamor Jan 31 '19 at 21:33
  • We have an additional computer that is always online to store files there. The problem is that our employees sometimes use one of the five notebooks without a network connection and need some files from the folder. The files should always be updated locally when a notebook is reconnected to the network. Maybe ViceVersa PRO is a good solution (with a always on system) – William Feb 1 '19 at 8:35

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