I'm using Windows 8 with only 1 laptop screen and I want to flip it horizontally, so it'd look like when you're standing in front of a mirror edit: example is the Ready word in attached pic. Win8 has some internal flipped display settings but all do it vertically. My onboard card Intel driver can't do it either. Quick searching on the net results in some apps like Mirroring360 or UltraMon, but it looks like the former is not free while the latter may require at least 2 displays, from what I read.

So, how can I do it? Are there other free apps that can do this?

enter image description here

  • Do you mean "Free Windows driver to use my screen vertically"? You want something like this right? img.wonderhowto.com/img/71/60/63565128152706/0/… – Nicolas Raoul Jan 31 at 6:59
  • Let's reopen when doubts are cleared :-) – Nicolas Raoul Jan 31 at 7:00
  • No... Well, you must have seen the letters painted on ambulance cars, right? It's mirrored. – longtry Jan 31 at 12:30
  • Any driver or app or software in general is appreciated, provided that it's free... or you guys are kind enough to point to a cracked version :) – longtry Jan 31 at 12:36
  • 1
    To imagine what it looks like, you can try searching for some of Leonardo da Vinci's writings. It's quite hard for the brain, BTW. Smartereveryday demonstrates this effect with a reverse-bike in some of his videos. Anyway, I don't want to fail this challenge just by not having an app for the computer to do it! – longtry Feb 1 at 4:15

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