Is there any module available in Python which can help the developer in analyzing customer query and take action/respond accordingly.

For example,

Customer Query: Can I have a hot coffee?
Scrip Response: Sorry. We don't serve this item(hot coffee)

Customer Query: Can I have a cold coffee?a
Scrip Response: create_order_and_prepare_item("cold coffee")

The above example is completely irrelevant to my requirement. But idea is that I want to respond to the customer based on some certain keyword/behavior and then compare it with my local database traits/keywords.

The user will send an email and I am creating a bot for an automatic reply. This will happen by a Python script which will run every few minutes and send the replies or may take some action of calling other scripts. This has to be an in-house script and we cannot afford to connect with the Internet and use external APIs.

Do you have any Python module suggestion which can suggest me a "response" by taking a look at available data of previous communication?

  • Do you really need AI? Or is a sort of command-line syntax OK? (meaning customers have to word their request in a particular way, for instance they can not say "Hey get me another one like yesterday, but not damn boiling!") – Nicolas Raoul Jan 31 '19 at 1:34
  • Hi @NicolasRaoul , Yes. that should also be good. My users are expected to respond in a particular way and if my script is able to understand 80% of the requests correctly, then it has done a great job – Vijay Feb 8 '19 at 13:39

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