I am developing software on PHP using a framework from Laravel, but I don't have start from the begin of the project.

What I want, if it exists, is some kind of software that for example when I am editing the variable $x know that this exists on home.php, config.php, and layer.php.

I want the software to try to identify the global variables where they are! For I don't be looking on the error and try to find out.

I have tried PHPStorm but it doesn't give me what I want, or I don't know very well to use it.

Any help?

  • Sounds like refactoring. Does your IDE have a Refactor menu? – Mawg Mar 4 at 13:29

Any decent IDE should be able to do this for you. While I am forced to use a customized Eclipse at work, I find Netbeans "easier" and "better" for my particular work style/pattern. Both have PHP development options.


If you're using PHPStorm, you can:

I hope I helped :)

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    I would suggest looking for a "Refactor/Rename" menu item – Mawg Mar 4 at 13:28
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    i am using netbeans – FreeLancer Mar 4 at 21:17

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